Has anyone tried Kosmik

There seems to be a growing list of app branded as productivity tool, visual note taking / management etc coming into the market.

The latest I found is Kosmik. Just wonder has any MPUer tried that and can share the experience and feedback

Their blog post seems interesting. This is one of them

Looks interesting. I signed up for the waitlist and am #1665. So the “one year free for the first 1000” offer is no longer applicable.

I’ve been playing with it off and on for the past few months and will say that it has a lot potential. If you’ve used Muse it’s solving a lot of the same problems but unlike Muse it’s not iPad only.

This is a good video on some of the background behind Kosmik

thanks for sharing @binarymule

I’m on the waiting list too… hoping for an invite soon. I’m currently playing with Hepta for many of the same reasons this tool looks useful.

From their front page:

Kosmik’s goal is to change that by offering an all-in-one tool (emphasis mine)

Will be avoiding this, I don’t need another one of these “silver-bullet” apps. I like Muse and will probably stick with it, especially since it’s an offshoot of Ink & Switch.

I finally got the invitation a few days back but still have one year free