Has anyone used Almighty?

I just came across Almighty in a post on Medium.

“Over 50 cool Mac tweaks and extra utilities to supercharge your Mac experience.”

I haven’t tried it but was wondering if anyone would recommend it?

Having been burnt in the past by these apps with their tweaks, I steer wide and clear. None of the settings they advertise are “secrets”.

Most of the settings are accomplished by using defaults write… to change things in Finder’s preferences file and other preference files in the OS or apps.

If some one really really wants to use Almighty or other preference tweakers, then I advise talking to your friend Google, find out what preference files are being modified, and keeping a log of what you’ve done. Otherwise, one day some version of macOS will kill off Almighty (etc.), and you’ll just have to come back to this forum or to Apple to figure out why “I can’t stop Finder from quiting”.


Thanks, I did wonder this.