Has your podcast listening increased or decreased compared to pre-COVID

Curious if podcast listening has changed since COVID

Has your podcast listening increased, decreased or about the same compared to pre-COVID

  • My podcast listening has increased
  • My podcast listening has decreased
  • My podcast listening is about the same
  • I no longer listen to podcasts

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Please feed my curiosity :+1:

It has decreased because I don’t do wet lab work anymore. Also, I pivot to audiobooks.

Many podcasts have to long episodes for my taste. I prefer 25-35 mins episodes.

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For me it has increased by 100%, but independent of COVID, I guess.

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I’ve stopped listening to most spoken-word podcasts, in preference for music podcasts. I find the latter are exactly what I need these days to help me relax.

interesting… what are music podcasts??? tell me more

I changed jobs which meant 6 hours less of commuting, which has led to a drop.

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My listening went through the roof for the first few months of COVID shutdown thanks to needing 1-2 hour long walks to get out of the house (often finishing YEARS worth of show backlogs within a few weeks). My listening is now the same as it was pre-shutdown, now around 2 hours a day, mostly in the background as I work.

OMG. 6 hours per day? per week? That must have been horrible after a while.

Decreased, but not because of any life-changing event. I go in phases with podcasts and tend to get sick of all of them at some point and take a break. Apple-centric podcasts I have really cut back on because I feel they are all just repeating the same stuff, same people, same opinions, same stories, etc.

Outside of the Apple stuff, I just don’t find a lot that I like. So much over-produced ad-ridden stuff out there now.


Oops, that sounded really bad.

In my old role and company I was travelling between 1:45 and 2 hours a day and commuting 5 days a week. I’d done that for over 17 years with one day WFH every 2 or 3 weeks. To be honest, I really love driving, my company provided me a car after the first 2 years and podcasts are good company so I enjoyed the break between work and home.

In my new role I do 2 days a week at home and then 3 days a week in the office with an average of 1:30 a day spent commuting.

I had to chop some podcasts as they reallllly started backing up.


Maybe the equivalent of the things, formerly know as “records” or “CD”? :thinking: :grinning:


and with interest rates rising… CDs are back baby!

*I am told these are not the CDs you speak of.


I do still listen to Podcasts, but I primarily listened on my commute - several hours a week which ceased with the first lockdown here in the UK.

I’ll be returning to them soon as my commute restarts (although I must confess to being a little bored with most of my selections and going for audio books instead - especially since Audible has so many now included in the membership fee).

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mine has increased recently. Main reason is it is so easy to find good podcasts and also super easy to fast forward past the uninteresting parts.

Ex: with Overcast or iCatcher etc. - you can FF or just setup jump buttons to go back or forward xx seconds

Since I only listen to podcasts in the car and I traveled little during most of the past two years, my listening decreased markedly.


My increase is less because of COVID and more just me cleaning out my Overcast and adding some more interesting shows :laughing:

Mine increased, but not related to COVID. Daughter started school this year, so went from driving her to daycare & listening to Disney soundtracks on repeat to walking her to school and then getting to choose my own music in the car on the way to work!


The amount of listening has stayed roughly the same, the podcasts have shuffled a bit.
Mainly due to the BBC moving a lot of their podcasts into their awful app.

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When driving long distances I listen to a lot of podcasts and old radio shows. With less driving I’m only listening to my favorite podcasts.

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interetting. In my own case I am not sure how related to Covid it was though. I really don’t feel I have enough self insight to be sure. It has increased a lot over the last two years: it seems to me that that is because there are a lot more podcasts of interest to me which are more than chitter chatter if I can put it that way.