Has your podcast listening increased or decreased compared to pre-COVID

For many years I have listened to podcasts primarily when walking for exercise. I also listen when driving, and when doing extended chores around the house. That hasn’t changed. I worked from home before the pandemic and continue to do so now – no commute.

I have no idea! My podcast habits have ebbed and flowed for years. Certainly the instant dropping of a commute saw my backlog grow for a while, but I have, pre-COVID also had periods of major backlog and also periods of empty lists.

Literally, podcasts that are primarily music, no or minimal talking.

A couple of examples from the ones I’ve subscribed to: Syndae, Low Light Mixes, A Strangely Isolated Place, Hypnagogue Podcast, Journeys To The Infinite


Fascinating! Have you tried out stations like Soma FM for similar music?

Funnily enough, I’ve been listening to SomaFM on-off since 2002, have their app on my phone, and support them with a small monthly donation.


I’d found my appetite for podcasts just disappeared. I have switched completely to Audiobooks and I read novels far more than I have for years.

I had two main podcasting genres I listened to. Apple-centric podcasts like MPU and Catholic podcasts for my faith formation journey. Now I don’t listen at all. I’m sure that will change and each week I look at the subject of this week’s MPU in anticipation but I haven’t listened for months.

MIne has increased, but also not because of COVID. I intentionally wanted to listen to more as part of my commute.

Recently switch to Castro as my podcast app.

Me too! I’ve enjoyed them for a long time, really great trance-ish grooves for getting work done

this describes me perfectly

It’s fascinating how our tastes change over time. It’s definitely worth asking ourselves, from time to time, “am I still doing this because I enjoy it, or just because it’s a habit?” If it’s just a habit, try something new!


That’s a very astute observation. I found that I was listening just to keep up without enjoying what I was listening to.

I will return to podcasts eventually but I will have to be much more focussed on my list curation.

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My listening also decreased because I commute much less now. First it was work-from-home and now it has settled into 50-50 hybrid. Less car time equals fewer podcast minutes.

That said, I have a few favourites (ATP, Cortex, RD, etc) that I keep up with, even if that means listening in the house while doing tasks – something I did not do before Covid.

No MPU? :scream: :wink:

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Certainly part of etc one would hope!

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I imagined MPU would go without saying… how else would one end up here after all? Though honestly, I am not a completionist when it comes to MPU – some topics fall outside of my areas of interest and that is fine.

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I cleared out a lot of my news/current events podcasts because for awhile, every single episode was COVID related and it was stressing me out. I switched to mostly podcasts that were meant for entertainment and that stuck. That was really nice for me.

I also found time to finally work on my own podcast, and am now working with colleagues on releasing a regular podcast about education: Teach4x Radio • A podcast on Anchor

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It looks like we share the same taste in music. :slight_smile:

There are a couple in your list I didn’t know yet. And although technically not a podcast but a radio show, I can also recommend Sounds in the Dark.

I recommend checking out the Sound Opinions podcast for conversations about rock music as well as other genres of contemporary music.

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