Hazel and Just Press Record

David had mentioned on a show once that he has a workflow with Hazel and Just Press Record. Anyone know details on how to do that?

My goal would be to have Hazel monitor my Just Press Record folder in iCloud, grab the transcription, put them in OmniFocus and then throw them away.

Just Press Record seems to work ‘faster’ on my Apple Watch 3 then trying Drafts.

You’ll want to set-up Hazel to look for new files appearing in your Just Press Record iCloud folder and have Hazel run the following AppleScript then move the file to the Trash.

Tell Application “Evernote”
Create note from file theFile notebook {“destination notebook name”} 

End Tell

You can leave off the notebook {“destination notebook name”} if you wan the new note to be created in the inbox.

Not trying to highjack the conversation, but since it is about Just Press Record, I thought that some of y’all might like this.

Per Dave talking about it, I downloaded JPR not to long ago and started “testing”. I think that it is a fantastic app. That said, here’s the funny part. I spoke about a paragraph, listened to it and then hit read. Seems “we” have some learning to do to get to where we understand each other better! I have a V-E-R-Y southern accent, (picture me saying “y’all git in the back of the truck. We going up to the big house to see MaMa”). The transcription was nothing NEAR what I had said! I still like the app though, and will continue our “learning” process together. :+1:t2::innocent::sweat_smile: