Hazel Bug munched my rules

I upgraded without thinking much about it. When I went to use Hazel all my rules were gone. Went to Noodlesoft forum … Found instructions for restoring from TM backup.

  1. Finding the Hazel folder is weird. Supposed to be in user/library/application support - NOT - but sometimes if I use the search I find it.
  2. When I did finally find the three files to restore - I was told my rules are corrupt.

SIGH! ARGH! I’m waiting for support to get in touch. Meanwhile they’ve acknowledged that there was a bug and sent out a new upgrade. I don’t dare do it - or should I OR?

Maybe I have to redevote 20+ hours to creating my rules? Makes me want to go back to paper.

Yup. They came out with a new version that generously offered to clean up all the rule files (part of it’s App Sweep feature). The upgrade that came out a day later undos the damage by moving the rule files out of the trash back where they belong. When it happened to me I restored the files from the trash myself making the next upgrade complain, but no further harm was done. MAKE SURE YOU DON’T EMPTY YOUR TRASH!

The Hazel rules are in Library/Application Support/Hazel under your home folder. That Library folder is hidden unless you go out of your way to unhide it.

So you are saying that if I DO the next upgrade the problem will get fixed?

Yes. Just don’t empty the Trash! (That’s where the rules ended up after the faulty upgrade.)

The Trash thing didnt’ work. I did get some good help from them at Noodlesoft. Managed to restore most of my rules one by one … better than rebuilding them!