Hazel equivalent in web app?

I’ve successfully moved my work to the iPad except for Hazel actions. We run a Mac Mini in a simple server mode and all the Hazel actions are run there… for the future it would be cleaner if we could run a web app to do this automation but Hazel is Mac only (I checked).

Is there an equivalent as a web app??

I’m not sure I understand. Do you want to have a web interface to controlling and viewing your hazel rules running on your Mac mini? Or are you trying to emulate the functionality of hazel in a web app so that you can stop using the Mac mini all together? If it’s the latter, if you use Dropbox (maybe Google Drive) as your sole file system, a lot of hazel’s functionality can be emulated with zapier or IFTTT. If it’s the former, I don’t believe such a thing exists.

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When I moved to an iPad as my primary computer I also had an old Mac mini. And when it died I missed having Hazel but decided not to replace it. However I never found a good way to backup my data.

Eventually I purchased a new Mac Mini for backups and was happy to also have Hazel again. Until Apple gives me an IOS backup solution it appears I’m going to need a Mac or PC somewhere running my backup software.

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Apart from IFTTT and Zapier options I think you’re out of luck.
I’m 90% iPad myself, and the one thing above all I still use a mac for is Hazel (and Keyboard Maestro)

Searching for a web app solution, your second description. Thanks for your input.

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I haven’t personally used Files.com, but they mention a Workflows feature that is “our platform automation and configuration feature set.” They also have an API and support Zapier. So might be worth checking out.

Box also has a Workflow feature and Zapier integration.