Hazel Folder Copy only copies one file

I am trying to set up my first rule in Hazel which should be to backup several files in a given folder

Here is my rule:

When I do a preview 6 files are shown:

But when the rule runs it only copies the first file - why?


You’ve specified four EXACT times at which the rule will run. My hunch is that once it copies the first file, then the rule stops working. Would have to test that to see. Try putting a range of times.

In any event, I’m guessing you are trying to run a scheduled copy, four times a day. I would have though a setting up a “chron” job to initiate the copy. Perhaps even look at the rysync command to do the copy for you.

Or, surely easier on the setup for most people, take a look at Chronosync. Surely this would be better suited for this task. I use both Hazel and Cronosync.

Try adding “Run rules on folder contents”. You may need to test exactly where to add it: at then end? after each command?. I will try to test this. Please post your final outcome. Good luck.

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Thank you @neonate and @rms . I have not been able to get Hazel to work in this regard with the suggested tweaks, but I tried ChronoSync as suggested and I agree it is an extremely robust solution with lots of future capability built in. So Unless Noodlesoft tech support solves this in a simple way, I will likely stick with Cronosync ongoing.

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Glad you are using Chronosync. However, it’s my view that Noodlesoft really has nothing to solve here. What you did clearly didn’t work with Hazel and frankly, never will do if you do it that way. :wink:

I know you have solved this problem with Chronosync. I use that also. It’s a great application.

I have been testing Hazel. Here is what I did.

I created 3 folders on my desktop.
Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 11.26.44 AM

I made 2 Hazel rules on the Databases folder.

Here is the rule for 11 am.

I duplicated that rule and made it for 11:15am. (first one was for 11 am)

I made 1 rule each for the Devonthink BU and Dropbox Devonthink BU folder.
Here is the rule for the Devonthink BU folder. You need to configure the pattern to include the time as well as the date.

Hopefully this will be helpful to you in the future. Hazel is pretty powerful and I am learning alot myself. I am sure someone has a better way to do this.

Thanks for the updates everyone

This is the response from Noodlesoft - it makes sense why the timing would be off with large files, but Chronosoft handles it without a problem and without having to tweak/hack my Rules to be sure I do not miss a file or two.

Looking at your screenshots again, it appears those files are large. It might take a while to copy. As a result, by the time Hazel gets to the other files, the time would have passed and the rule wouldn’t match.

I suggest instead using a time range. Like after and before

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