Hazel for Catalina

Is it ok to use the current version of hazel with Catalina ?

Why do you ask? Do you have info which suggest otherwise? I’m using it successfully, for what it’s worth.

I have not had any problems.

The developer has a note on the website.

The note at https://www.noodlesoft.com/kb/hazel-catalina/ is hardly a show-stopper unless you must use “dark mode” I guess.

> As of version 4.4, Hazel is compatible with Catalina. Catalina introduced a number of changes and bugs which affect Hazel. Hazel 4.4 works around many of these issues though some still remain, possibly indefinitely.
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> Most noticeably, dark mode is broken. There are limits to what can be overridden so as a result, certain places, like the System Preferences title bar and contextual menus, will remain in light mode regardless of your system appearance setting.
*> *
> You will see magenta rectangles in certain windows. This is considered a “security feature” by Apple.
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> There may also be various drawing artifacts and oddness with mouse input.
*> *
> For Hazel 5, Hazel will be converted from a preference pane to an app form factor. This will require re-working the UI. The end result is that this will avoid the issues described above as well as others that were introduced in Catalina. Note that version 5 is not due until the later part of 2020, at earliest.

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no problems here too

Hazel works fine for me (and couldn’t do without it!)