Hazel not working on Catalina, warns developer

Saw this elsewhere on here but think it merits its own thread because I assume many folks are using Hazel:

(Some have reported it’s working OK for them, but forewarned is forearmed.)


it hasn’t broken any of my rules - but they might not be complex enough :slight_smile:

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Hi, what do people thing of the announcement from Noodlesoft that Catalina has broken Hazel :frowning:

Disappointing as I had already updated to Catalina before the notification came. However Hazel is such a wonderful utility and the developer is first rate so I’m happy to pause my Hazel workflow until such time as it is fixed.

Thankfully, it’s not completely broken, at least for me. All my rules are running fine, but I don’t do anything too complex.

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The developer of Hazel has sent out an email notifying registered users of this issue.

I was not planning to upgrade to Catalina until at least the .1 upgrade anyway; I never do as I cannot afford to have my Macs stop working properly…

Turns out that neither of my Drobos are yet functional with Catalina either, and since they are y major storage… I don’t think there is Catalina in my near future.

What is disturbing is that if I understand the email from Hazel, there are bugs in Catalina that remain unresolved after the release he is trying to work around. While I expect their to be some issues with any new OS release, it seems to be part of the pattern in recent years of MacOS (and iOS) coming out before it is really ready. I think I preferred it years ago when a new Mac OS version (back when it was still OS X) came out perhaps every two years, but was much closer to ready to go on release than we have seen in recent years.

Got Me… I upgraded last night and now none of my Hazel scripts work. I use it with EagleFiler as part of a paperless office workflow. My rules rename files, use shell scripts to change filesystem dates and flag files before moving them into EagleFiler. Michael Tsai is a good man and I trust he’s working on these issues. I bet he’s annoyed by the way this rolled out. Hazel is a great utility.

Good news! Hazel 4.4 is now officially compatible with Catalina, albeit with a few minor caveats.

Paul Kim also shared that “for Hazel 5, Hazel will be converted from a preference pane to an app form factor” in order to, among other things, support dark mode.



Paul Kim as a MPU guest would be fantastic, @MacSparky and @ismh !! #JustSaying


I second that motion! I’m sure Paul Kim would have a lot of great knowledge and wisdom to share!

According to his website, he’s the Chief Noodler, Head Accountant, Senior System Administrator, and Customer Support Specialist at Noodlesoft! And he started his career developing software for NeXT computers.

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I’ve asked Paul but he’s just not real excited about that kind of stuff. Maybe one day I’ll convince him.