Hazel rule to tag folders, sub-folders and all content inside folders


I’ve been trying to create a Hazel rule on my Mac, which will:

  1. Look for folders, which contains the word “KVIK” and tag that top folder “KVIK”
  2. Once found, tag all files and all consequent folders and their sub folders (and any content within) with the tag “KVIK”

I’ve tried to post on the Noodlesoft forums, but I’ve waited more 24 hours to have my post approved :frowning:.

I’ve provided a screenshot with what I thought would do the trick.

Any help is welcome.


This won’t do the trick unless all the things under this are called KVIK and are also folders (the rule has to apply to the contents too). I’m not sure how to solve this precisely, but if the items in your folder aren’t folders they won’t be tagged.

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Follow up, because this was bugging me and I figured it out!

If you hold Opt and click on the +, you can add a subset of rules. You’ll need a second Hazel rule for the folders of the contents, and it should look like this:



It worked :slight_smile: Now I can start tagging all the folders and after that I can do a clean up and consolidate into fewer folders!

(I would never have come up with that solution… - thank you :pray: )

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