Hazel Rules and PDF

Hi, I have to scan my receipts as part of my job, so i have a hazel rule that reads various information and sorts / renames accordingly.
If i use my scansnap the rules run successfully every time, the problems arise when i use my iPhone X and scanbot where the OCR is not as accurate.

Does anyone else use this and if so do you change your settings of the camera or the scanbot app. I just want to perfect results everytime.

If time is not of the essence, then try this:

If you don’t have it, pdfPen is now on setapp and (for a few days more) there is a setapp discount floating around you could also download the 7 day setapp trial and see if the workflow works for you before you commit.

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That’s an interesting idea. How would you get Hazel to automatically OCR a document via PDF Pen?

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