Hazel won’t date me

Just got back into using Hazel. Got Version 5 and started setting up my rules for filing household statements.

A couple of times now, I get a rule matching error with the Custom Date trigger.

Just scanned a home insurance statement and CANNOT get the custom date trigger to match!

I was matching the first date from beginning of document, but that is a policy date range, so I switched to first date from the end which is a single date when the payment is due.

No match.

That custom date is what I use to rename, file, and subfolder the document.

I’ve rescanned the document a couple of times,

Have you confirmed the document’s OCR is good? I copy the text from a PDF and paste it into BBEdit or Textedit and verify it is readable when I have this kind of problem.

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It’s good on the problem areas I checked…although I hadn’t thought to check before you mentioned it…good tip!