Heads Up. IOS 14 Public beta is out

Thx, forgot about this back tap. Have to setup a Shortcut now… :blush:

Seems stable to me too. Favourite feature is double back tap to Lock Screen and triple back tap to take Screenshot.

Widgets are kinda nice but looks weird in my Home Screen. After 10 years of iOS icons, this feels weird.

I don’t use iMessage, so those enhancement didn’t do anything to me.

I’m not sure what else is there. Perhaps, it’s better to stay in iOS 13 if you don’t fancy those widgets.

Just a heads up that the beta does not include the Exposure Notification API. So if you are in a country with a working COVID-19 tracing app, the app will not work with iOS 14 yet!


Do you guys all have dedicated Apple ID’s for testing, or do you install the public beta on your live devices?

Installed on my main iPhone, but i have a old backup-iPhone. Just in case.

Installed on my only phone — but only after reading others’ experiences to assure myself it’s pretty stable and making a backup!

Thus far, it is indeed as stable as I’d been led to believe. :slight_smile:

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Installed on my main phone, no problems so far.

I have it on an old phone but with my regular Apple ID. I haven’t heard of any reason not to use a regular every day ID with this release.

Well… I have it on my iPhone XS. Amazon app crash when checking orders, check first tracking of first order, ok, check second amazon app crash. This is expected since Amazon app may need an update.

I use dual sim. Ok contact app, if I want to change default on a contact, the options are just blank… however since I know first row is personal and second business … is manageable. I provided feedback for second issue, not for first.

Otherwise is running quite well.

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The “Move to iPad Pro…” action from Safari 13 on Catalina to an iPad with iPadOS 14 seems really laggy on the iPad.

Solid for me too on both iPad and iPhone. So far, it (only) broke the SwissCOVID contact tracing app, and my banking software (which thinks the device was jailbroken).

I love the featured photo widget in iPadOS 14 so much that I want two of them on the home screen. Is there a way to do this? I’ve only been able to see two of the same photo so far.

It shows every time the same photo on all photo-widgets. :frowning: