Health and Day One

Hey MPUers,

Hope all is well…so without too much detail. I spent the past week in the hospital, well now, we have some lifestyle changes to make, toss in some medications, and some documentation about the daily health stuff of life.

If anyone here documents their health, do you document in Day One? What’s. the best way to keep it all in sync and easy to bring with you anywhere for whomever needs access?

Side note: I think we have spoken about this in the past in the forums, but more than ever , I am double-checking and reviewing all digital documents requiring for login, files, access, etc.

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Hope you are well on the mend.

I think it’s probably important to work out exactly what needs to be documented and start from there. Day One is much better at allowing you to record unstructured reflections about almost anything than it is about recording e.g. blood pressure, medications taken, or weight. The Apple Health app is excellent for those, but much less good at recording less structured material. It’s also much more likely to integrate with more specialist apps, depending on your needs. Monitoring “life style changes” and health is probably a personal combination of reflecting and noting AND recording structured data and one app may not do both well.

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For some simple structured stuff, I’ve seen someone here use a Numbers spreadsheet with a shortcut to append data.

Good luck and take care. :grinning:

I just keep a separate journal for health and medical notes in the form of a day book. I include any symptoms that might need to be watched, lab results and drug changes, plus conversations during clinic visits.

After surgery last year I kept my pain diary in the same place. I find it useful to have this information attached to a timeline rather than a general note.


There might be another option after today’s keynote.


I hope you’re ok. The most important thing.

I leave a lot of my health data in Apple Health. It allows me to visualise it wherever I am on my iphone, I’m hoping the rumours are true and this is finally coming to iPad and Mac.

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Health is confirmed for iPad.

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If you have an iPhone, I would also go with Apple Health as much as possible.
You could track your medication (incl. reminder) with it, you could enter a lot of observations and issues, and depending on your medical service, they even could load health data onto your iPhone, so you have everything at one place.

If you’re prescribed medicine or monitoring that does automatic reporting and connects to your doctor’s office, sometimes you can add additional notes or timestamps to that. I’m only suggesting to evaluate that option since it’s hard to stay consistent with manual reporting for years.