Help creating a Shortcut with a named icon


I believe I want to make an iOS shortcut named “crab” that is basically an alias to Discord.

My actual problem is that I always forget the name of Discord, and I go to my list of all apps on my iPhone looking for the icon that looks like a crab. On my Mac I’d just make an Alias and name it crab, and then Alfred or Spotlight would easily open my synonym. I don’t know the right way to do this on my iPhone.

Can somebody point me to a walkthrough of how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Find Discord in /Applications. Hit cmd+opt+i to open the inspector.

Type crab into the comments field and close the inspector.

In Alfred, open Application Search Options (Features > Default Results > Applications: Options…) and ensure “Match Application’s keywords…” is checked.

After indexing completes (should be quick) you should see Discord instantly pop up when you type crab in Alfred. Just tested it–fun shortcut!

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Thanks @cornchip. I was super lame, and didn’t make it clear enough I wanted this for iOS.

I have gone in and turned on “Match Application’s keyowords” is turned on in Alfred. I think that will be a nice addition there, and not having to make an Alias when I want to do this kind of thing on my Mac will be great.

Ah! Sorry, I should have seen that.

If I understand correctly, you can definitely do this in iOS or iPadOS in Shortcuts. I’ve made one named Crab that I can tap on and that also comes up in Spotlight. It opens up Discord immediately. I thought the bed icon looked closest to the Discord glyph but maybe you can do better. :slight_smile: You can name the shortcut and add it to the home screen via the triple dot menu to the right of the “Crab” shortcut name in Shortcuts.

Here’s the new shortcut I made:

Which is which?

Spotlight. I did have to search crab a couple of times before the shortcut would outrank a local restaurant in Spotlight results.

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That is perfect.

Thank you so much!

Now I never have to learn the name of that app that Relay uses. The bed is also an amazing glyph choice.

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