Help Downloading Music/Files to iPhone without Computer Connection

Without going into too many specifics, I have a use case that I need a new iPhone that cannot be connected to any computer nor can it cannot to my home WiFi. Fresh iOS, Fresh AppleID, unrelated to my existing accounts. It’s a security thing for a niche international travel scenario.

I want to load this phone with some files, mostly music and videos. I’d like to be able to play the music in Apple’s built in Music app. And probably watch the videos on VLC.

If I load the media files to a server on the internet, can the iPhone download them and save them locally to the iPhone in such a way that they’d be stored and the Music app can see them, and the VLC app could see the videos?

I don’t want to individually open each file off the internet server, each time I want to listen/watch. I’d like to pre-load a server (maybe DropBox or something like that) with music/media. Then point my iPhone over a foreign WiFi connection to that server, download the whole thing locally to my iPhone, and have it live on my iPhone in the same way as if I synced it there from my computer.

Is that possible? If not, what’s the closest I can come to doing that?

I don’t know of a way to use the IOS music app without a computer.

The Plex IOS app allows you to download music, videos, movies, pictures, etc. to your iPhone from your own Plex server.

The app & server sofware is free, but the download feature requires a Plex Pass subscription, $4.99 a month, $40/year, $120 lifetime.

You would need to run the Plex server on a Mac, PC, Linux computer or other device they support such as Nvidia Shield, & many NAS.

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Jeez you’re are certainly making it hard for yourself. You are trying to go agains what iOS is made for. But if you insist you first have to connect the iPhone to a network. Since you don’t want to use WiFi you can use a Redpack Ethernet adapter.. Then use the App that goes with your server (NAS) to download the files you want on the iPhone / iPad and take it from there.

Good luck…

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Apps like File Hub Pro and Documents by Readdle can download (audio) files from a server, store them locally, and play them (File Hub Pro even remotely), but they cannot transfer them to Apple’s music App, so you will have to play them within the third party App itself, if you decide to go this way.

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