Help finding a tool for partner management

In my day job, one of my main responsibilities is handling our relationship with eight different tech vendors. Part of that work consists of:

  • Providing our list of clients
  • Receiving our partner’s client list
  • Understanding their ‘target’ list (i.e the companies that they’d like to talk to as a priority)
  • Tracking any joint opportunities that we’re working on together (and the stage those conversations are at)

At the moment, all of that information is kept in eight different Google Sheets, but working with it all feels very manual.

Ideally, I’d like to get to the point where, when I hear of an opportunity, I can easily understand:

  • If that company is currently a client of any of our partners
  • Which partners have this company on their target list
  • The relevant partner contact details associated with the opportunity
  • Whether it’s listed as a Joint Opportunity with any of our partners.

Basically, this feels like a relational database tool (although if it had some kind of sales tracking tech built into it, then that would definitely be a bonus!), but I’m not really sure where to start. I’ve been thinking about things like Airtable or perhaps Asana - but I wanted to get people’s thoughts on here before I commit time and effort into learning and getting up to speed with something new.

Outside of the functional requirements mentioned above, I suppose other needs would be:

  • No cost (at least at the beginning) - it will just be me using this initially
  • Potential ability to grow this out across a team if we can get this up and running and it proves valuable.

I hope that helps - and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Take a look at Airtable templates. When I was hunting for a way to manage a non-profit’s donor list, I was pleasantly surprised to find a great donor DB that needed only minor tweaking. I’m no DB expert but found it easy to use.


Have a look at Notion .
I haven’t used AirTable in a few years, but I found notion to have many more features than the AirTable I used.
There are lots of videos on YouTube, and a fair amount of searchable discussion here on the forum.

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Thanks for this - instinctively I’ve kind of felt that Airtable should be able to do a lot of this.

I guess my question has been around whether I can run queries? So whether I can populate a table from client names across our own client list, partners client lists and their own client lists to find out exactly where they appear across the rest of the database.

Or a table to calculate all revenue generated from a particular partner?

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Same, lol.


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