Help: Keychain disappearance

Got a slightly weird problem…
On my iMac, as of today, keychain has disappeared. Not the app, the passwords. (1password isn’t working in safari either…)
It’s still there on my MacBook, iPad, iPhone as far as I can tell…

Safe mode didn’t seem to change anything.

Restoring from Time Machine - I only restored the system.keychain file - should I be restoring something else/more? I think it was working yesterday.

The other thing which happened which worries me is that I also had to re-sign into Apple ID on the iMac this morning.

Any ideas crew?


Is it possible that you are logged into the wrong user account on your iMac?

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Good question - and it did sound possible but no. What I’ve also just realised is that other isn’t synch’ing either. Weird… I fear a nuke is called for…