Help! Mac Book Pro died

I suspect my Mac Book Pro has died. I FaceTime with my granddaughter, finished, attached my iPhone to the computer to charge and sync and the screen went black. It will not turn on. The cord charges it for about 5 minutes and then the green dot fades. I need to replace it I am sure, but with what??? Mac Book Air? The new Mac Book Pro ( i’d get the 13”). Suggestions please!!!

Have you tried forcing a reset? Try pressing and holding the power button for 5-10 seconds. You may see the screen flash as it shuts down. Wait several seconds and then try to power it on as normal.

Id agree with @scottj start with an SMC reset, then see what sort of response you get, fans coming on etc and work from there.

Other option is to do a Safe-Booth by holding down the shift key during startup.
If resetting the SMC fails using the keyboard command. I suggest to open the laptop and disconnect the power and battery. Press the power button for 5 seconds (indeed without any power or other cords attached!). Reconnect the battery and try again.

Hubby took it to Geek squad and they are saying my motherboard is shot. Not what I want to hear. I guess a new Mac Book Pro is in my near future. :’(

I have no faith in the Geek squad :-1: Take it to the Geniusbar!

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I called Apple first, they said to take it to a repair store that they felt they couldn’t do anything.

Thank you so much! I have been looking at and it seems the Touch Bar is a gimmick so that I will avoid. A MBP is a definite but without a Touch Bar

How old is this machine? I have a 13" 2017, screen died one day but I could see it was still charging and had to get the whole Display Assembly Replaced thankfully in warranty and not at the cost of £391 (out of warranty price) :rofl:

Do you have an Apple Store near you? Can you take it to the Genius Bar? I would absolutely do that, or find an Apple authorized repair shop – NOT Geek Squad – before paying for a new MBP.

I just don’t trust the Geek Squad. Have heard one or two bad stories from friends. Particularly older friends, old enough to have grandchildren.

End please don’t buy the MB Pro from Bestbuy. If you feel so inclined resist their Geeksquad services and “warranty”. I do recommend to get Apple Care!

Best place to buy a Mac is from Apple.

If you want save some money on your new Mac you can check out the Apple Refurbished section or B&H Photo Video depending on what state you live you can avoid Sales tax on top of their discounts :slight_smile:

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Michael my laptop is from 2006, I am guessing. I got it around the time I finished graduate school.

Wow! 2006. I’d say you got your money’s worth out of that machine. :grinning:

The advice above to take it to the Genius Bar was good advice assuming it was a newer model, but Apple won’t even do out-of-warranty work on one that old. Even if they did, it wouldn’t be cost effective to repair.

OMG 2006 you got 12 years of use out of that machine.
Don’t even bother go out and buy a new one :slight_smile:

Yup that’s what I did. I did not get the Touch Bar. I couldn’t afford the added expense, plus I read reviews that stated it was more of a gimmick than anything. The transfer of material from my old Mac to the new Mac via the external hard drive was lightening quick. So far I am happy. Thanks everyone!

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