Help! New job, Windows PC Laptop, What to do?

for nvALT or Notational Velocity equivalent on Windows, I use Notation.

The shortcut is not as intuitive—how come they don’t implement ⌘L and ⌘J ⌘K???— but it syncs with SimpleNote so it suffice.

One of my main reasons for starting my own business was that I could no longer face the morale-sapping combination of a Windows computer and corporate IT.

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Whatever you do, make friends with the IT people.


Why would that be a good thing? Just curious… :thinking:

I always disable Cortana because it makes Windows key searches instant when they’re local only. At least, that was the case when I last set up a new Windows machine.

Wasn’t Cortana separated from the search bar a while back?

You’re right! Looks like they split that out around early 2019. The settings I used to use to keep search local aren’t in those preferences anymore. Great change.

Meant to reply earlier but the maintenance prevented it. :slight_smile:

Some further points I came to think about here:

VNC. Jump Desktop seems to exist for Windows. I’m thinking of situations where I’d maybe use my iPad Pro and access the Windows laptop when needed via remote access.
Mind mapping. iThoughts seems to have a Windows version. I usually use MindNode but intermittently try iThoughts as it is part of my Setapp subscription.
MacOS Services. I’m sometimes heavily dependent on Brett Terpstra’s awesome scripts and services, mainly Markdown Service Tools and SearchLink, and can’t really say that I’m savvy enough to be able to replicate the functionality outside of MacOS.
VPN. I’ve in the past been able to configure the Shimo app (also part of Setapp) with a Cisco SSL AnyConnect account.

And yeah some of this still hinges on what IT allows to be installed on a device.

Having spoken with IT briefly this week, I appreciate them being upfront about the reason for using only Windows machines, which is to make their job easier, which I knew, but I do like that they were frank about it. They also said that they might be open to changes if that’s really needed.

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@larryoh first congrats on the new job! I also run a Mac at home and Windows for work. There are lots of good suggestions in this thread. A couple people mentioned one note for note taking. One note is a great app and may also be a partial replacement for drafts. I have not used drafts, but if I understand it correctly you can create a new note instantly and convert that to some type of deliverable. One note allows something similar a “quick note” can be generated instantly when pressing windows key + n. You can fill in your text and either exit out or leave it in the background and your note is automatically filed in your “quick notes” folder of one note by default. Then you can clear out your quick notes later and file them as needed. I use this a lot during meetings.

Also, window management out of the box is simpler on windows. Windows key + left arrow will resize your current window to the left side of your screen and offer you the remaining applications to split the other side of your screen. Windows Key + right arrow does the same on the other side. There are lots of other stock functions for window management that you may or may not like. Sometimes windows snap into the wrong place for me but if you’re using a big screen it’ll be easier.

Good luck!

I had the same thing a while back and made a page with tips for Windows: It has become much better in the last 5 years.


Thank you!
I’ll have to try that One Note shortcut, might be useful. ON is one of those apps (like Asana…) I try every one a while that doesn’t work quite the way my brain works but always worth a new shot:)

Oh this is nice, thanks! Also, cool site! Where do you host it?

Thanks. It’s on Github.

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