Help Sparky With Cable Management

I’m 2-4 weeks away from taking occupancy of my new studio space. They are working in the house today, which required me to dismantle my desk. When I eventually am able to put it back together, I want to get more deliberate with my cable management. The existing system that I just tore out was a jumble of command strips and gaff tape. Suggestions for a better way of doing this (on a desk that moves up and down) are welcome. I bet @ismh has a few ideas.

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I don’t know that it’s much different (or even better) than what you have, but I bundle cables with zip ties or velcro ties, and then use another set of ties to secure them to the desk frame. I actually don’t have anything secured to the underside of the surface itself - even my power strips, hubs, etc. are zip-tied to the desk frame. And basically every cable that runs any distance runs that distance along the frame.

The only cable that actually leaves the underside of the desk and goes to the floor is the cable for the power strip. Given that sit/stand differential isn’t that much, there’s not a ton of slack that I need to worry about.

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The pros use Panduit. This is the first vendor that came up when I Googled it.

Here’s the manufacturer’s listing, and where you can find a distributor. I would bet money there is an electrical supply house near you that sells it.

It can be screwed or VHB taped to your desk. (VHB tape holds the stainless skin on the Walt Disney Concert Hall.)

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How many outlets do you need? I purchased from this company several times up to my retirement in ‘18

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There are some under desk trays that conceal the clutter behind it, like this one:

And of couse, Youtube has an abundance of desk cable management videos.
Warning: There’s a serious risk you’ll spend hours watching them! :laughing:

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+1 zip ties are one of the most incredible inventions of mankind

+1 for zip ties, cable raceway, long (wide outlet) surge protector

Opentron OT4126 12-Outlet Heavy Duty Metal Surge Protector

Cable Raceway Kit, Stageek Cable Management System

I recently used these reusable zip ties for the first time and they worked great. In addition to the peal-and-stick, they have a screw hole if needed.

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