Help to backup work OneDrive account

I have OneDrive through work. It’s how I sync files from my Mac to my work PC. That said I’d hate to loose files. What recommendations do you have? I already have and use Arq for B2 and Carbon Copy Cloner.

Do you have a business O365 account? If so, then you should have most things covered from a restore perspective.

especially with CCC and Arq copies.

But: does your company allow “private” backups of company data?
(don’t know if you’re self employed)

Are you using the OneDrive client or just the web interface? If using the client, the files should be getting backed up if you have your user folder set for backup.

Not sure how it would work if you have files stored online only with OneDrive. I have OneDrive, but don’t use it much. I’ve noticed with Dropbox and Superduper that when I create my clone, it tries to download all of the file that aren’t already stored locally. That caused my clones to become too big for the drive. I had to create a new setting to omit the Dropbox folder from the clone operation.

Hmm I need to look into this. Not sure honestly. I just want to retain my stuff (I’m a teacher) if I leave my job in a few years.