Help w/ Gmail + iOS

Can anyone help me figure out why I only have a single mailbox, besides Inbox in my Gmail-account in the iOS

Usually there are many more. I can’t seem to work out…

Sorry if I’m stating the obvious. First, log into Gmail webmail to confirm everything is actually there. If so, while in webmail check Settings, Labels and verify “Show in IMAP” is checked for each folder you wish to see in Apple Mail.

If all is correct, I would normally suggest rebuilding your email database. The method I’ve used successfully for years is to Quit then delete the Envelope Index files in ~/Library/Mail. When you reopen mail it coud take some time to rebuild depending on the amount of mail in your account(s)

However, I’ve never done this on a computer with more than 2 email accounts, normally iCloud & Gmail. So, why not wait to see if someone else has a different solution or “seconds” my suggestion.

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Thanks!! That did it!

I want to ask if you or someone knows how to change this mail behaviour from Gmail in

Usually when I swipe left, in handling other email, it goes to the trash, in Gmail, with both of the accounts that I have installed in it goes to the Archive.

How do I change that?

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Swipe options for IOS Mail is located under Settings/Mail. I’ve been using the Gmail app for quite a while but I seem to recall changing the swipe options on can take a bit of experimentation. Good luck.

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