Help with a login problem

I have a friend who needs help. He has a 2016 MBP. He’s not really tech savvy so I don’t think he has updated to Mojave.

The problem is that he transferred his old hard disk to this new MBP and that works fine. But whenever he opens the laptop it logs in to the new user that he had to create or has created. So he has to log out of that one every time and log in to his other user that has all his files.

I tried to help him delete the new user, but I wasn’t able to do that successfully.

Any thoughts on this out there? :blush:

I would start by making sure the user he wants to log into is an admin user, this can hopefully be done through the user he’s auto logged in as.

Next step is to check under Login Options - personally I don’t like automatic login so it’s set to off, but at the very least he should switch it to the user he wants to log in as.

The final step is to log into the account he wants to use, and to delete the account that was created during setup.

If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what to do next!


Should be easy:

System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Options (unlock the padlock)
Automatic login: Change to the preferred user or turn off.
Leave the box “Display login window as List of users” CHECKED.

I suggest removing the redundant user account(s). Its good practice to have a dedicated Admin account and a regular user account without admin rights.

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