Help with a minor Outlook (MAC) Issue

In my continuing quest to find the door into summer I recently started using Outlook as the email client on my Mac. After a couple of weeks – it ain’t bad. I am using the older interface rather than the newer interface which seems to have removed a lot functionality. And I like that Applescript support seems pretty robust.

The other day i committed a minor faux pas. I deleted a folder on my server (Fastmail). I noticed that the folder still showed up in Outlook so I right clicked on it and deleted it. Mistake.

Outlook got a protection error trying to delete it. And now it gets a protection error every time it syncs. I can’t figure out how to tell it to stop.

Any thoughts?

Easiest would probably be to just start over? Remove the account from Outlook, add it again, and allow Outlook to download all the email again.

Normal disclaimers apply – make backups etc.


Thank you. That was my backup option. :grinning: