Help with amending share shortcut

I need some help amending this “Share location” shortcut to my needs:

I want it to open in Google Maps instead of Apple Maps and instead of opening Message with the location then just open up the share sheet in iOS and iPadOS.

Can anyone help?

Quickly created this and it should do the trick :ok_hand:

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Thanks!! Can you help me figure out why there is no option to “Copy” in the share sheet? Or why I can’t share to Messages

What actions (e.g. copy) are shown in the Share Sheet, are defined by the developers of the app. In that case the Shortcuts app.
Only your own Share Sheet shortcuts will be listed below.

What is shown in the horizontally scrolling list of apps is defined by the receiving app (in this case Messages) and seems as if Messages does not accept shares from the Shortcuts app. Not sure why, because normally you can share both URL data types, as well as text types (which I also tried) without any problems.

However, here is a version with a workaround:
It will display a helper menu.

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Thanks for that insight! I was unaware of that.

And that shortcut is great!! Thanks!

How does it look when someone on a non-Apple device receive an Apple Maps location. They have no way of viewing it I’m sure

Because of that I used the general… link and not the iOS app specific one comgooglemaps://?q=... :ok_hand:
If someone taps the link and the Google Maps app is not installed it will just open the default browser with a new tab for Google Maps pointed to your current location specified in the link.

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It’s strange that Apple (who makes Shortcuts) does not allow for the “Copy” action in the Share Sheet