Help with nesting tags in Bear

I just switched to Bear for everything and I’m in the process of creating my nested folder system in the app.

Can anyone help with me the following:

  • How do I put tags in Bear below (nested) in other tags without doing it manually for each note?

I hope that makes sense.

You just need to rename the tag that you want nested inside the other tag. In the sidebar on the left hand side, right click and choose rename tag (on the Mac) or long press and choose rename (on iOS). When prompted to rename the tag type nestingtag/nestedtag where nestingtag is the higher level tag and nestedtag is the tag you want to be nested inside of it.

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is there a way to do this in batch on the Mac instead of for every single note?

If you right click the tag in the sidebar on the left and rename it should do it for every note with that tag (I realize I left out the “in the sidebar” part in my original post).

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