Help with opening locked iPhone

My colleague found a lost iPhone back in April in our school, probably a student who forgot it, and advertised. No one came for it. Then she turned it off and forgot all about it.

The iPhone still says the date April 21 and it is completely locked. We can’t get into it.

Anyone with any idea about how to return this iPhone to its proper owner?

You can try checking the emergency contact info in health, or “hey Siri, call my mum/dad” and see if that works.


The phone is not connected to the internet unfortunately, so no Siri.

how do I find Health from the lockscreen? I can only swipe to get to emergency calls and the sim is locked so I’m not even sure how that work out if I did an emergency call…

Maybe call Apple Support (or via their iOS app) and ask them if they or the Genius bar can help? With good intentions, you are of course trying to break into someone else’s private property. To avoid unintended liability for yourself, you might want to turn the device over to the police for them to handle the identification issue.

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okay thanks. we don’t have an Apple Store in Denmark. But I will contact Apple Support

I would just give it to the local police.

If they set up their emergency contacts you should be able to find it from the Emergency calls screen.

“Hey Siri who am I”

“Hey Siri who does this phone belong to”

I found an iPhone a year or two ago, asked something like the above to Siri, and a filled-out Contacts card appeared with contact info on the owner.

You can also try, “hey Siri, whose phone is this?”

that hasn’t been set up, unfortunately as far as I can see

When you get to emergency calls there should a link down to the left saying something like “Helath Data” (I’m not sure since my phone is in Spanish). If the owner provided emergency contacts they should be there.

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It’s not there. I have checked. I think we will just hand it over to the police.

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I think at this point you’ve done all you can!

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To be honest I think the police should handle this, and not try to make any other arrangements, even if they are well-intended.