Help with PDF workflow

My rental agency has moved to a new software system. Instead of emailing me a rental statement and associated invoices as PDFs each month, they are now links to a web document. Previosly all I had to do was press the spacebar for quick view and then share to DTPro.

As I can’t trust that the documents will always be available at the web address, I am now having to

  • go to the webdoc (via link in email)
  • export as PDF to a location
  • find that location in finder
  • quick view or open PDF
  • share to DTPro

Could someone offer a simple solution please?

Instead of exporting the PDF try printing it to DevonThink is my suggestion :slight_smile:

Well that is still File/Print/PDF/Send PDF to DTPro ie 4 mouse clicks…

Pretty sure this could be sorted by a Shortcut and Scriptable on an iOS Device. Although my skill level is too low to do this on the fly…

You could use keyboard shortcuts - CMD+P gets you to print, add a keyboard shortcut and have one for print to DevonThink.

This trick is for a different PDF print command but the principle is the same.

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If you want to get all fancy with UI scripting to customise print settings, here’s an example of how I’ve done it with Keynote.

But that was for a task I had to do 5-7 times a week - not sure I’d invest the effort is it’s just once a month.

Thanks, I’ll give these suggestions a go. I thought there might be an automator solution which could make a service which could be assigned to a keyboard shortcut. But I don’t have the skills sadly.

Have you tried the DEVONthink browser extensions and bookmarklets?

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It is possible to have an automator solution. My assumption is that the link in your email is a clickable link in your mail.

An initial (working) version is:

The three blocks of applescript that are used in this DevonSave-service are to convert an RTF text to an URL (which is surprisingly non-user friendly), are used from

Block 1 of AppleScript: is the part Get the Data on

Block 2 of AppleScript: is the part Extract the Link HTML on

Block 3 of AppleScript: is the part Load the HTML and Extract the URL on