Help with PDF workflow



My rental agency has moved to a new software system. Instead of emailing me a rental statement and associated invoices as PDFs each month, they are now links to a web document. Previosly all I had to do was press the spacebar for quick view and then share to DTPro.

As I can’t trust that the documents will always be available at the web address, I am now having to

  • go to the webdoc (via link in email)
  • export as PDF to a location
  • find that location in finder
  • quick view or open PDF
  • share to DTPro

Could someone offer a simple solution please?


Instead of exporting the PDF try printing it to DevonThink is my suggestion :slight_smile:


Well that is still File/Print/PDF/Send PDF to DTPro ie 4 mouse clicks…


Pretty sure this could be sorted by a Shortcut and Scriptable on an iOS Device. Although my skill level is too low to do this on the fly…


You could use keyboard shortcuts - CMD+P gets you to print, add a keyboard shortcut and have one for print to DevonThink.

This trick is for a different PDF print command but the principle is the same.


If you want to get all fancy with UI scripting to customise print settings, here’s an example of how I’ve done it with Keynote.

But that was for a task I had to do 5-7 times a week - not sure I’d invest the effort is it’s just once a month.


Thanks, I’ll give these suggestions a go. I thought there might be an automator solution which could make a service which could be assigned to a keyboard shortcut. But I don’t have the skills sadly.


Have you tried the DEVONthink browser extensions and bookmarklets?


It is possible to have an automator solution. My assumption is that the link in your email is a clickable link in your mail.

An initial (working) version is:


The three blocks of applescript that are used in this DevonSave-service are to convert an RTF text to an URL (which is surprisingly non-user friendly), are used from

Block 1 of AppleScript: is the part Get the Data on

Block 2 of AppleScript: is the part Extract the Link HTML on

Block 3 of AppleScript: is the part Load the HTML and Extract the URL on