Help with weight-registering shortcut

I use this shortcut to register my weight, fat percentage and BMI manually into the health app on iOS.

Except it doesn’t calculate the BMI correctly once the weight has been entered.

Here is the link:

Can anyone help?

I think height should be in meters. Looks like it is in centimeters, so the BMI is off by 10^-4, which I’m guessing makes it turn out as 0?

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I can’t really figure out how to correct that. Can u help?

I could also just log the BMI manually because my scale calculates that also. But I can’t figure out how to amend the shortcut to do that instead…

Re-reading this thread, could it be that the problem you’re having is that Siri Shortcuts won’t let you log a BMI entry? While the thing I posted earlier about height needing to be in meters is true, I haven’t yet found a way to programmatically log BMI into

What I do is calculate BMI and copy it to the Clipboard. I then have Shortcuts open so I can enter the value into the BMI section. Interestingly, once I tap the “Add” button in the BMI section, the value copied to the clipboard is already there, so all I have to do is confirm the value.

Its not an ideal situation, but I can’t figure out how to get to allow shortcuts to log a BMI measurement.

Sorry for the mix-up.

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Alright, I’ll leave it at then. Thanks for your help