Hey email service after one week

I am afraid not. As far as I know, it’s one domain per account.

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that seems like a killer feature…

You could setup almost every Mail-App like this!

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do tell - have never seen this in any email app I’ve used in the last 30 years…

just setup the users you want to receive email from as VIPs (or similar depending on service)and just send that to inbox and the rest somewhere else.

I do this via Fastmail, and it works fine across all apps as it’s done on server. All on VIP go to inbox, everything else goes to another folder for me to process later.

You can setup pretty much every Mail-App, at least the Apps I know, in a Way to send everything to the Spam-Folder, that is not contained in a list of “Save” Sender.
Either by a function of the Mail-App, like the Spam-Mail setting within Apple Mail, or by configuring a Rule for all incoming Mail.

Anyway, I would also not consider this as a “killer feature” because “normal” people do not only receive Mails by known sender, but sometimes also by, up to that date, unknown sender.
And therefore this function end up in either missing Mails, or in spending an amount of time with searching thru the Spam-Folder, to pick up these Mails.
I have set up my Apple Mail with a bunch of simple Rules (if Mail is from Sender XY, but it in Folder XY), and using in addition Spam Sieve, which requires me less than 15 Minutes Daily to pick up from the Spam Folder, what Spam Sieve puts in there in error :angry:.

I might get 2 or 3 spam messages in my Inbox per year, my provider’s spam filter rarely lets anything through. Everything else is handled by 3 server side rules I set up.

One deletes unwanted (sales, etc) messages from companies with whom I continue to do business. Another filters non urgent messages and labels them as “Notifications”. The third separates and labels financial messages.

There is not a lot anyone can do with inbound email other than block it, delete it, and/or filter it. We can pay a provider like Hey, or a service like SaneBox, or roll our own system with client or server side rules.

From what I’ve read about Hey and SaneBox they do a good job. But we also have other options.

Hey’s screener doesn’t automatically hide everything unfamiliar. It puts unfamiliar senders that aren’t spam in an unobtrusive area called The Screener. You visit whenever you want and thumb it up to let their emails through or down to never see them again. When you thumb up you can let it through to your main inbox or put it in the areas for newsletters or for transactional emails.

Since I started this topic over 2 years ago, I thought I’d update my email workflow. I’m still using gmail as my provider. I’ve been using the server side filters to try and keep my Inbox to a minimum of stuff that’s important enough to see. I’ve taken to naming my other folders similar to Hey. I have a Feed folder where all my newsletters and other such things are automatically filtered into. A Paper-Trail folder for receipts. A Set-Aside folder for things I will deal with later. And finally a Reply-Later folder for responses I need to think about.

I also have been experimenting with the snooze feature of iOS 16, but really need that on iPadOS and macOS before I really make extensive use of it.

This setup works pretty well for me and I never feel overwhelmed by email. It does require that I stay on top of new things that make it into my Inbox and make sure they go to the right place. That’s where Hey makes life easier, by default not letting things into your Inbox.

I’m pretty comfy w/ Fastmail. It checks Gmail and Outlook for me automatically. Both of those have decent spam filters, and I rarely get spam showing up in my inbox.