Hey Siri, can you be any more frustrating?

I’m sure many are acquainted with Siri fails, but against my better judgement, I find myself expecting Siri to be better than it is.

Today while getting ready I forced myself to endure the frustration of trying to make a Draft using Siri and it was rough. I didn’t think to screenshot earlier on in this process, but…
IMG_0396 IMG_0397 IMG_0398

At first I thought it was just being ridiculously picky about syntax, but according the the Drafts site this was actually what I was supposed to say. All my settings are configured right, and it’s worked in the past (though never on the first try). I can just imagine fighting with it over Siri Shortcuts.

Actually, I think Siri Shortcuts should be better. All it’s doing is listening for a specific trigger phrase, rather than trying to parse what the user is saying like it is with Siri Intents.

Perhaps someone on the beta can shed some more light on this.

I don’t claim to know the entire structure of Siri, but I think that the awkward phrasing of list apps (including GTD apps) and note apps works similarly to trigger phrases. I basically said the phrase listed on Drafts’s site verbatim, but it decided to parse it instead of following the trigger.

Now of course siri shortcuts (probably) won’t have any sort of “fields” alongside them, but I could just imagine saying “Siri, start my morning routine,” and having Siri start a thirty minute timer instead of the shortcut’s actual defined actions.

I hope that cause of all the problems I’ve had with Siri is the age of my phone, and that a new phone with a new processor has fewer issues.

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