Hi Fellow MPU Musicians! App Question

Hi All - I play trumpet and as musicians, we have a wealth of apps to choose from; Im looking for some suggestions/comparisons between ForScore, UnReal Book and iGigbook from folks that have used them. I have used ForScore for a while and I like iReal and BIAB… but curious if people use UnReal and iGIg and how.


I discovered ForScore many years ago. I love the app and to be honest, I never looked to the left or to the right: I have not tried anything else.

I can recommend this website:

It does a nice job reviewing music reader apps.

Regarding ForScore:

On iOS the forScore app is the score app, by many considered the golden standard. And for good reason.


Thanks! and I agree, I love it… just, I see the New Shiny and get excited :slight_smile:

Same here! :slight_smile:

But so far, ForScore was able to keep me from looking somewhere else. I have about 800 scores in ForScore. I cannot see myself going anywhere else as long as ForScore keeps it up like it has been doing for so many years now.

I even started paying for the optional yearly subscription although I did not need it when it launched: the app has given me so much and that without asking for anything after the first purchase, if I recall it correctly.