Hiding phone number FaceTime

I know how to hide my telephone number when contacting someone over the normal phone network, but is there any way of doing the same in FaceTime please? Thanks

You’ll have to identify yourself somehow but you may opt to use your email address if you have associated it with your Apple ID.


As Mpacker mentioned, you cannot choose no caller ID at all but you can choose to use your email. Here’s how:

  • on iOS: Settings » FaceTime » Caller ID » {choose an email address instead of phone number}

  • on Mac: FaceTime.app » Preferences » Start new calls from » {choose an email address instead of phone number}

Note that you have to do this on each device where you want to use FaceTime (even though it seems like this would be an obvious setting for Apple to recognize you’ve set in one location and ask if you want to apply it everywhere).