Hiding the IOS 12 Shortcuts App While Running a Shortcut from the Home Screen

If I invoke an IOS 12 shortcut that I’ve created by clicking an icon for that shortcut on the Home Screen, is there a way I can hide the IOS 12 Shortcut app from appearing in the background while it runs? (I know if I run that shortcut by selecting it from the widget on the Today Screen it runs differently and the IOS 12 Shortcut app will not appear, but want to do it from the Home Screen.)

Example: I have a shortcut that starts with “Choose from Menu”. If I run that shortcut by clicking on its icon on the Home Screen, the menu I’ve created properly appears — but the IOS 12 Shortcut app itself also appears (darkened slightly) in the background behind the menu. I’d like to reduce the clutter and just have the background behind the menu be blacked out.


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Unfortunately not because the home screen icon is a URL shortcut that is linked to the Shortcuts app so it has to launch the app to launch your shortcut.