Hiding the Urgent "!" Indicator in Mail.app

I have a colleague that marks messages urgent that are not urgent. I take this marking as an indicator of how they feel about the topic, but I also get annoyed by it. Is there a way to hide this indicator in Mail.app?

Interestingly, the indicator doesn’t appear in the message view (when you read the message). And if I select “Use Column Layout” it’s not there (at least by default), either.

I’d prefer to use my typical layout (not column layout), arranged like so:

I first encountered the “urgent” flag in email in the 90s, and immediately found it useless–a tool exclusively used by spammers and narcissistic co-workers. Nothing in the past 25+ years of computing has dissuaded me from that opinion.


Here’s one possible solution:

I hate the high-priority flag as much as anybody, and I always do whatever I can to never see it. But I think I’d just change to column layout instead of messing with the database with the script in that solution.

I use the non-column layout you prefer, but either nobody sends me messages high priority or I’ve just never noticed. (And now I’m afraid I’m going to start noticing!)

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