High Praise for a MPU-er

In my new job I’m having to use Microsoft Outlook and most of the time I am mostly rolling my eyes at how unconsidered the user experience is and every once in a while I am being surprised by something quite delightful. Anyway, my wife has used Outlook at her job forever and this morning I was complaining about how you can’t do something* and she came over and I was showing her how it doesn’t work and, in the process, trying all these ways to move an event besides data entry and she said, “All these things that never even occurred to me to want.”

And I felt… pride? Cause I guess being a power user is a spark of curiosity and hope at its core. I often think we gather here because of our love of Apple, but I suppose it’s a lot deeper than that.

*I was simply trying to move an event with my mouse from today to Monday, which I could note figure out how to do because you can’t move the week view forward a day (only a week). Now that I reflect on it, I guess switching to Month view would have worked. Still!


Or open event and change the date …

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