High Sierra upgrade on older imac

I have an older iMac (late 2009) and I would like to upgrade to High Sierra. The biggest reason is to bata test OmniFocus 3 for Mac. Thoughts?

It probably makes sense to add some memory. According to Mactracker the late 2009 iMac can accommodate 16GB of RAM. If you’re handy with a suction cup, you might also consider replacing the DVD drive with an SSD drive. I’d be curious to hear how it goes.

Thanks Tim…presently have 8 gigs, but note afraid of 16. Will post back if all works well.

I have a late 2009 iMac that I keep around as a loaner/spare in my lake house. I set it up this summer because a visitor needed to use it. I upgraded to High Sierra without any problems and it worked well. I honestly forget how much RAM it has, but I am pretty sure I maxed it out (16GB) at some point. After the upgrade it was running really well – we both commented on how fast it seemed to be for its age.

I would go ahead and upgrade it.

You’re welcome, @blabber. I expect that you’d be ok with 8GB, especially if you’re usage is pretty light. You’d get a much bigger boost in speed by upgrading to an SSD.

You could potentially use an external SSD if you didn’t want to open the case. I recently picked up a G-DRIVE mobile SSD (500GB) for only $180 CAD (~ $140 USD) and have been using it to Boot into Mojave from both my 2011 iMac (USB) and my 2016 MacBook Pro (USB-C). It works beautifully.

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