Highlights + DEVONthink: Why Did It Take Me So Long!?

I actually find Apple’s own OCR to be pretty good, sometimes performing better than Adobe Acrobat. It can be used to OCR scanned PDFs with Prizmo, which is quiet cheap comparing to ABBYY. Another bonus is that it’s pretty efficient and runs on iOS.

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I just purchased Highlights (Pro version) and am encountering something weird when annotating pdfs: the highlighter function highlights in the space between text lines with slight overlap, resulting in the Notes being gibberish. It may be that the pdfs were Evernote exports…I have yet to see if this is happening on nonEvernote pdfs. But I’m also wondering about iPad and Pencil issues, etc., and posting here because I hope someone else has encountered this problem and there’s a quick fix. Thanks.

I´m on my way for the decision to trow Highlights from my system again.
I run into issues, that there were a couple of PDF, that I scan via my Scansnap, and direct them from there into DT3 for the OCR, where Highlight wasn’t able to recognise all of the text, and therefore I was not able to highlight some of the text. Sometime in a way, that I could highlight the first and the second word of a paragraph, or jumped with the cursor thru half of a side, by moving only a little.
Interesting neither DT3 itself, nor LT had those issues with the same PDF.

Vielen Dank, Uli,

Interesting to hear about it being unstable for you in a different way than it’s unstable for me. I’ll keep alert to see if I encounter instability similar to what you experienced. This is disheartening.

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Great news. The next release of DEVONthink 3 will allow the whole highlighted passage to be displayed in the Annotations pane along with the comments.