Highlights PDF app: Any way to tag besides underlining?

Hi all. I’m really liking the Highlights app as a way of reading/annotating PDFs (something I’ve never had to do a lot previously, and I’m only just realizing how lucky I’ve been) and then exporting the notes as Markdown (which takes a subscription, but OK).

However, the only way I can find to tag a PDF — and thus the exported notes — is by underlining words in a specific color. Sometimes I need to tag a document with words that don’t actually appear in the document. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I havne’t used tags much but have you tried making a note in the general area by tapping the note bubble and selecting the color you want?

if you are comfortable using the terminal, you may find this very useful - https://github.com/0xabu/pdfannots

Hey, thanks! That’s fascinating. If I hadn’t found Highlights, I’d probably start using it! I think I prefer the way Highlights keeps annotations, underlines, highlights etc. in order and includes page references etc., over the categorical order (highlights before annotations before nits) in pdfannots. But I’ve saved the repository in GitHub in case I need it down the road!