Highly recommend this sleeve for MacBook Pro

My 14" MacBook Pro finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and I could not be happier. I had previously owned an M1 MacBook Air and I had purchased the Inateck Case for it on Amazon and was pleased it. So again this time to Amazon to purchase the Inateck Case for the 14" MacBook Pro. Wow! Cannot believe how much I love this case. It’s protection is perfect and you can tell the padding around the edges is superior to most sleeves. Just so well designed and built that I had to jump on here and recommend.

I do not always travel with my backpack and this case is great to throw in my other bags that were not built for protecting a laptop. Also, the case came with a great accessory bag that was an unexpected treat. And did I mention this case is currently only $18? Cannot recommend enough.


I used this for my 13" M1 MBP, I also love it. A lot of padding all around.

Would you be willing to compare the two models for us? Did the need for more RAM or more GPUs drive your decision to upgrade?

Thanks for the reminder, I’ve been meaning to sit down and look at cases for my 14" 2021 MBP but it didn’t make it into Reminders.

I ended up going with this case by the same brand. I wanted a messenger bag with a shoulder strap and zippers instead of magnets like on their other messenger bags.

Will chime back with what I think when it gets here.

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I have weird journey to my MacBook Pro 14". I had the iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Gen cellular version for years and loved it. So portable but there was always friction with my workflow. I bought the MacBook Air and enjoyed it but found I wasn’t using it like I thought I would since I still had my iPad Pro. So I sold the MB Air and went iPad only. Then, I bought the iPad mini for just media consumption and low and behold my iPad Pro sat and collected dusk. I was using my work computer (Windows) to do desktop stuff. After hearing so many rave about the MacBook Pro, I sold the iPad Pro and now only use my MacBook and my iPad mini. So far I’m loving both and I have no desire to go back to the iPad Pro as my main computer. Did all of that make sense? :grin:

Sure, but I’m actually more interested in someone who has owned both Mac models and can give a hands-on comparison of the differences between an M1 MacBook Air (the first Mac with Apple Silicon) and the 14-inch MacBook Pros with the newer Apple Silicon chips – both from a technical and from a user experience viewpoint. Not a lot of people haved owned and used both.

Sorry, I should have made that clearer in my reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I got the bag today, no complaints. My MBP fits perfectly and the bag feels well-padded. I am glad I got the zipper pocket version instead of the alternative version they sell with just magnets, as the magnetic flap over the top of one of the zipper pockets on the side is very weak, but it will work well for when I need to keep the zipper half-open for quickly retrieving items.

The bag is smaller than I expected, but it is a form-fitting 14" bag, so I don’t know why I didn’t make the connection lol.

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