Hold my beer while I do this

I’ve had a 12.9” iPad for a year and it’s been a struggle the whole time. Often, I like the big screen and beautiful display. But often it’s just TOO DARN BIG and heavy for my primary use, which is just sitting on the couch and reading with the iPad in my hands.

I kind of wish I’d bought a smaller iPad. But I can’t justify the expense of buying a new one so soon—not even if I trade this one in. And that display sure is beautiful.

I Googled around for the phrase “holding the 12.9” iPad comfortably,” or something like that, and discovered this:

It’s like a pistol grip you attach to the back of your tablet. Problem solved, right? I ordered it right away.

But then a day or two later I realized that the TorchGrip would not be compatible with the Magic Keyboard. Sure, you can detach the handle of the TorchGrip, but there’s a disk that permanently attaches to the back of the iPad.

I immediately canceled the order. But it was too late. The Torchgrip was already on its way.

I got to thinking: If only I had a cheap case that could easily be detached from the back of the iPad. Attach the Torchgrip disk to the case and I can switch easily between the Torchgrip and Magic Keyboard.

And then I remembered: I already have one:

I’s a terrific case, only $11. I stopped using it when I got the Magic Keyboard.

Best of all: The back panel attaches to the back of the iPad with MAGNETS. Easy on, easy off. The grip is surprisingly sturdy.

So the theory is that I’ll hold the Torchgrip to the back of the case, hold my iPad comfortably, and stop lusting after 11-inch iPads that we can’t afford.

The Torchgrip arrives tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a Saturday morning reading on my iPad in comfort.


I’ve heard good things about the Torchgrip but didn’t want to stick it to the back of the iPad. Never thought of using a disposable case. Looking forward to your update!

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I ordered one of these for my iPad Pro 11 and it’s worked out well so far. It adds a litle bit of grip to the iPad, making it a little easier to hold. It is compatable with the Magic Keyboard and I haven’t had any problems yet.

That would be Plan B!

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I’ve thought about the hand straps before, but haven’t pulled the trigger. I have an 11”, so maybe I’m less in need.



I had a hand strap for an iPad once, years ago. I actually forgot about it, if that’s telling.

If I recall correctly, I found it finicky. It was tough to angle the strap effectively to help with ergonomics. It never seemed to be in the right place, so I was constantly adjusting it. Maybe I was too particular!

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I solved this by propping it up. If I’m inside I’ve almost always got a few throw pillows or even a blanket nearby for cozying up. I toss a pillow or two in my lap and with the Smart Keyboard Portfolio attached I flip the keyboard back into a sort of kickstand. Works great for hands free. If I need the keyboard I can flip it around in just a second. So, pillow in lap and iPad on that, I’m not holding anything at all.

I ended up ordering Logitech’s new trackpad case for the new iPad Pros which has the kickstand built into the case and a detachable keyboard.


Is this the part where I get to suggest that we ban pistol grips for high-capacity tablets? :wink:


I had the same experience. The strap wasn’t significantly more comfortable than just holding the iPad.

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When I looked at one of those, I wasn’t even considering whether it would be more comfortable - mostly the issue for me was “positive grip”. Harder to drop something that’s strapped around one’s hand.

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The grip arrived yesterday. I attached it easily, as planned. I’ve been using it a couple of hours.

It’s a significant improvement. But it doesn’t make the 12.9”,iPad Pro anywhere near as light and comfortable as the 10-ish-inch iPads

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Thanks for the update.

I find the form factor and size of the 11 inch iPad to be ideal. I have a leather case that has an internal pocket on the outer half edge of the flap. I find myself using this internal pocket as a handy support for my left hand while I walk around a lecture room projecting my hand written notes in real time to a class. The temptation to buy a larger iPad for better reading and screen real estate and add one of these handle dongles remains offset for me by the portability all around of the 11 inch.



It seems that he overwhelming majority of the time I am using my iPad either sitting (or slouching, ugh!) on my couch or king back in my recliner. Given my method of use and desire for something comforable that does not need to actually attach to my iPad, I am opting for the Pillow Pad Multi-Angle Lap Desk.

Sorry, I wasn’t able to link to it, but you can find it with a quick search if you are interested. I ordered from the Bed, Bath & Beyond website (https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/) however as this is an As Seen on TV product, it is likely available elsewhere.

It’s a little funky to look at, however it definitely appears to be soft and comfortable with quote a few satisfied customer reviews.

I may post my thoughts about it after I try it out for a week or so.

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Here you go -


I don’t have that exact one, but something very similar that I bought years ago. It’s a neat idea, but I never really used it much. It’s big and bulky and it needs a solid base, so unless I am sitting like I would in a chair with my laptop, it didn’t work that well for me.

I tend to just prop my iPad against my legs, chair arm. It’s not always ideal, but I have yet to find something that really works. It’s also why I will never buy the big iPad again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another option is to consider an “arm” of some sort, as seen in this tweet:

iPads are pretty heavy though, so it takes a bit more work to find one that will hold it properly. (Shown in the image is a Boox device). If you’re always sitting the in the same place(s), this could be a useful option.

I’ve also enjoyed these kinds of laptop trays (funnily enough, also shown in this image) for couches: https://www.amazon.com/RAINBEAN-Adjustable-Compatible-Ergonomics-Design-Black/dp/B07R5MMS7S?ref_=ast_slp_dp

Unfortunately I have some physical problems…including being visually impaired. Because I need to magnify pr zoom in to read most text, I have to choose whether I want the size/weight advantage of the 11” or the reduced scrolling or dragging items around on the larger 12.9” display.

Honestly, I want both! But I have elected to go with the larger disply, The weight of the 12.9” doesn’t bother me, but tje size makes it a bit difficult to handle for lengthy periods.

It’s not a problem on my phone since I don’t spend as much time on it. However when doing things like streaming a movie pr baseball game or reading a book, I can be on the iPad for several hours at a time!

I’m still searching for the perfect hands-free device, but hopefully the pillow idea will at least be a decent stop gap until I find a better solution.

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Thanks. For some reason I couldn’t post the URL when I tried it.

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I tried the Rainbow laptop table. It looked like a great idea. It works pretty well when I’m sitting on the couch however the legs/base of this thing is about 1 1/2” too wide to fit between the arms of my recliner.

Also, while it certainly can work while laying in bed, it is awkward and a bit cumbersome to adjust the height or display angle.

I think there are better choices.

I have an iPad Pro for doing music, having several recording apps and more synth and instrument apps than I’ll ever be able to actually use. I solved the large iPad problem by also getting a small iPad. Ever since I got my iPad mini I hardly ever need to use the big iPad, but when I start doing music things (or video editing) the Pro is what’s needed. For everyday use it’s the mini though. Small, light, can even fit into some pants pockets. Perhaps the multipad lifestyle is the answer here. I’m typing this on the mini as we, uh, speak.