Home Design 3D experience?

Hi there,
Anyone have any experience with Home Design 3D? I saw that MacSparky was using it… anyone else? Are there any other alternatives out there that MPU folks would recommend?


I used it a couple of times and don’t like it.

Its hard to make it do what you want a specially if you ad a 2nd floor or vaulted roof.

I have Live Home 3D Pro probably different. One thing all these CAD programs have in common is that there is a steep learning curve. Keep in mind many like AutoCAD are used for many designer’s 40+ job. Over the years feature upon feature is added that imposes a large barrier to entry for the seldom user.

So I would recommend taking any available tutorials or training classes or conversely just be the creative directive and outsource to an expert in the tool from a service like Fiver.

I did that on an animation project and it was done in a few days and less than $100.

I tried using it, but when I found it can’t do roofs I returned to Sketchup; my new house has a double roof so that is a pretty important feature.
When I was playing around it seemed easy to use and I enjoyed it, it just didn’t give me what I needed.