Home folder questions

I set up my user account in the HD when I first set up the Mac. I then put system on external SSD and set to boot from that drive.

I now need to move my user account from HD to SSD as it is causing problems. I will then have to point photos and iTunes libraries to old libraries on the HD.

I have some questions.

  1. Can I simply create new folder and then point the Home directory at it?
  2. What do I do with the existing folders on HD? Leave them?
  3. If I point to new photos library on the HD what will happen to the library on the SSD - should I delete it?
  4. Anything else to consider or look out for?
  5. What is the significance of the ‘Home’ icon on my HD account? How come it is used when first setting up Mac but not used when I create a new admin account?

Thanks all!

Though I would do a nuke&pave if I were you

OK - not that complicated then. Thanks.

Can I just check - are all user settings (app settings, system settings) stored in user folder (library?)

I moved my home folder once last year. There might be some settings that would have to be re-set because they are set somewhere outside the user folder, but in my experience that was easy to fix, and happened rarely.