“Home Hubs Not Responding”

Does anyone get this alert multiple times a day? I get this alert at least once or twice a day. I have fiber internet connect to an Eero 6 Pro, which is hardwired into my AppleTV. I also have satellite Eeros 6s and 6 HomePod minis. Why would I keep losing connection to my Home Hubs? All my devices that can be are set to be used as Home Hubs. I keep everything updated to the latest software.

Never had this.
Where does the alert come from?

It’s coming from the Home app and I loose all access to my accessories.

There are some trouble-shooting tips from Apple here.

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How are your Eeros connected? Is your home power stable? My eeros are connected via ethernet, and I’ve got them, as well as the modem on UPSes, since I’ve done that I’ve not had a problem with my Home Hubs going offline.

I had never seen it until last week. I was away and saw the message pop up from the Home app on my iPhone and then an “ok” message about 45 minutes later. Haven’t seen it since.

I have the 6 Pro connected directly to the modem and on a USP. I have no problems with internet or power outages. For some reason my AppleTV, which is connected via ethernet, isn’t set as the Home Hub. Why would it choose a HomePod mini as the hub when it has a hardwired AppleTV to choose from.

I’ve never checked, but mine seemingly does not have a Home Hub (viewed on iMac Pro).

My iPhone thinks there is a HH.

Ah, I suppose because the iMP doesn’t leave my home.

You can disable devices as Hubs until the one you want is selected, then re-enable on those devices, and it should stay the way you wanted.

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