Home Office Suggestions

I have a Macbook Pro as my primary computer. I generally will connect it to an external monitor, usb keyboard (apple) and a wireless magic touchpad. I frequently have clients that will provide a corporate laptop for me to use. I find myself often disconnecting my primary laptop from the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Is there a better alternative? I’ve looked at a few KVM options but not sure that I have been able to find the right mix. Curious if others have encountered and solved the same problem.

My monitor has a cool feature where you can connect two computers to the same monitor, have their interfaces running side-by-side. Might be worth a look.

I have a similar situation, a macbook for me, and a corporate PC for work. At my home office, i have both connected to a 27" monitor and just switch the inputs when i want to go between the two (i keep the PC in a doc and the macbook in a stand, both lids closed). It also means I have two sets of mice and keyboards. I’d like to find a better option (especially for the keyboard / mouse solution), so open to other suggestions as well.

Just to clarify, with this monitor, you could simultaneously have a PC running on one side of the monitor, and a Mac running on the other side.

KVM. Mac, PC, work laptop, and Raspberry Pi (when ssh fails). LOVE IT


Any downsides to the Sea Wit KVM linked? I’ve gone down the path of researching KVMs probably 10 times over the past year or two. Every time I find some alarming reviews of whatever product that push me away.

I’ve had no problems with it. I do recommend it.
Comes with 4 USB/and HDMI cables… And Amazon has a GREAT return policy.