Home Screen (18th Century) - Open Tabs

Thought you might find this interesting.

source - Dr M F Khan - Twitter: “It allowed researchers to work efficiently with up to 8 open books at the same time.”


Very cool!


Lovely. What is the function of the wooden square on the bottom of each tray?

My grandmother had something similar, but it instead was a stand alone tower, with a turntable on top, with multiple book stands. Below there were bookshelves. I wonder what happened to it?

I do not know for sure, but from the picture it seems that the trays are all connected just with a hinge to the Wheel, so maybe it is a kind of a counterweight, to hold the tray in a useful position?

Here is a Wikipedia about those Bookwheels in general

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By the way, Thomas Jefferson’s book stand is very popular with woodworkers and antique enthusiasts…


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That’s what my grandmother had, except instead of a central post, it had cabinets/shelving.