Home Screen on Mac mini Server

Sorry about blanking out personal information. The mini is “headless” and operated via screensharing (VNC). There is no background image because that slows down VNC response. I use Stickies to list services that should be running, latest offsite backups, where shares are located, and various URLs and accounts. Along the right are the two internal drive partitions (the boot drive cannot be encrypted, otherwise I would not be able to log in remotely) and Group Drive which contains encrypted data. There are three encrypted external drive icons on the far right, with drive icons for backup drives on the bottom right. The three folders are for Resilio Sync shares. The dock really needs to be cleaned out but contains:

  1. Finder
  2. Siri (which I obviously cannot use – no microphone!)
  3. Safari
  4. Notes, Photos, iTunes, iBooks – I don’t use any of these on the server
  5. System Preferences, Activity Monitor, Server – I use these.
  6. Plex Media Server
  7. Parallels Desktop – I don’t use it anymore, it was to run a Windows VM with Quicken for Windows.
  8. SuperDuper! – scheduled backups to the backup drives.
  9. Terminal
  10. Disk Utility
  11. Stickies