HomeKit Air Purifiers

hey MPU,

Anyone have experience with HomeKit compatible Air Purifiers?!
Pros / Cons, things to look out for ? regrets?

Thank you

We have a couple of Vocolinc homekit air purifiers and they’ve been great (my spouse has athsma).

They have 5 speed settings, which you have to address in percentages with Siri (20/40/etc) but otherwise they’ve been pretty flawless for a couple of years.

I have the Airversa Purelle. In an open plan kitchen/living area I was constantly sneezing and feeling choked up. The first time I turned on the Airversa – it installed via the Home app flawlessly – it showed an AQI of nearly 700 and took about 40 minutes to bring it down to single figures. I soon had my gas cooker replaced with an induction hob and all has been well ever since.

There is an automatic setting plus five speeds. I’ve had it nine months and it only lost connection once (it’s also a Thread router). The filter is at 95%. Would recommend.

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As an aside, I’ve made it a habit to turn on the stove range/hood/fan thing anytime a burner is on. (making sure the exhaust actually goes outside) Don’t have anything to measure indoor air quality yet, but feel like it should help.